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Spring and Fall Clean ups

Afforable spring and fall clean ups are offered for any property. As local volunteer firefighters, we try to encourage home owners to be aware of the potential fire danger that comes with living in the urban interface. We also encourage anyone to contact us to get an idea of what work should be done around your home, even if it's something you're willing to do yourself.




Property Management

We know that some landowners are not able to be around their home year round. We offer piece of mind with an affordable property management program. 

What you get:

HFMS will go and check on your home (reguardless of season) and provide full walk around to check (with pictures taken at the landowners request) while looking for any damage caused by weather or animals. If we find anything wrong we will preceed to do a temporary fix until we can contact you for further instruction. Your property management package can include any or all of the follwing:

  • Full 360 home walk around (with or without pictures)
  • Full property walk through (If you own multiple acres)
  • Removal of snow on porches/ decks
  • Snow plowing of the drive way
  • Spring and or fall clean up before you show up for the season
  • Yearly needle removal
  • Yearly weed whacking of structure perimeter 
  • Online profile so you can check pictures taken during inspection walk through 

Call for a free walk around of your home and to talk about getting your home on the program. 

**Most simple packages start at $200 a year (Simple clean up spring and fall and three drive bys a year if within 30 miles of the shop)