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Wood Sales

All the wood products offered were cut/ harvested by HFMS. We are not a logging company so we have what is available in our cutting projects for that year. We like to see all the product that is brought down in the forest reused in different ways to avoid any product going to waste. At Healthy Forest we pride our selves on offering the most practical, beneficial and economical ways of lumber removal and use. We spend extra time to save any character logs for use in furniture or other ways. 

Character wood/ Specialty Logs

"Character Trees" or specialty trees can be saved and collected for you.

*This is one of the many trees in the Lyons Fire Department that we cut and installed. 

Saw Mill Slabbing

 For any wood slabbing needs we can get the job done. 


The saw mill will cut any tree up to 20" in diameter.Prices are per Liner foot.

** Call for pictures of current wood stock or prices.

Anything larger we can cut with the Alaskan Saw Mill.


Logs & Poles

We offer a wide variety of wood products that

can be used for a multitude of projects: 


  • Rails (for buck and rail fencing): 3"-6" *taper 3"-6" from one end to the other 

               Starting at $6 a pole (Bluk prices of 50+ available) 

  • Posts for fencing: 4"- 8" Diameter  

               Call for pricing

  • Support Logs (for Decks or housing purposes): 12"- 20" Diameter                                                                      

               Starting at $100 each dependent on size and length

  • Character Logs (containing knots, gulls, or cat faces): 4"- 20" Diameter                                     

               Price dependent on each log

  •  "Cookies": 1"-3" thick any diameter from 8"-24"

               Starting at $3 a piece up to $20 for the larger and thicker slices

               **Used for weddings crafts/ decoration


All logs and poles are brought to the yard in 16-20 foot lengths but can be cut down to any size. 


If you're looking for logs bigger than 20" in diameter please contact us to see what our inventory looks like. If we dont have it we will find it. 

Delivery available upon request, rates will be determined on the distance traveled from HFMS home base in Lyons, Co.