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We are qualified to teach multiple NWCG courses. We offer in house classes for fire departments for a reasonable price. Please call to talk about what we offer or to set up your class today.

Classes and Specs

S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws

4-5 Day Course

For this course we require a minimum of 7 students.

You must provide:

Saws, chaps, helmets, eye protection, ear protection, any tools you can. 

What we provide:

Student S-212 books, all certificates, props, cutting location (for the field day)


If you are unable to provide the setting to hold the class we can figure somthing out. 

If your department does not have the necessary amount of students we can open the 

class up to local outside departments to fill the spots. 

 L-280 Followership to Leadership

2 Day Course

S-130/190 Introduction to Basic Wildland Firefighting and Wildland Fire Behavior

4-5 Day Course

This course requires a bit more time and help. If you need this class taught we may have to add an additonal field instructor fee for the Field days to ensure the proper student to instructor ratio. We encourage any qualified and passionate folks to help out in this portion from the department. 


1 Day Course

This annual refresher is for everyone, these classes may be larger in size (student numbers). Minimal travel costs.  

S-230 Crew Boss

2 Day Course


S-231 Engine Boss (Single Resource)

2 Day Course

Slash Pile Building Seminar

We can cater this class to you! There is not certificate but this is a great session to teach those new recruits or those planning to do any mitigaiton work how to properly build a pile after locating a reasonable spot to build it.


Defensible Space Clean Ups Seminar

This is a great seminar for those departments that are going to be doing more light defensible space work that doesn't always include the heavy fuels such as trees. This is geared towards those areas that are dealing with tall grass, needle build up, leaves, shrubs and other smaller fine fuels. We will give you some good pointers on where to start on a clean up, what is realistically a hazard and how to maintain the defensible space for the long term. 

***For departments with heavy engine use we can be sure to go to your area and look at local homes and also talk about access and egress for those homes you will be dealing with. 



We are currently charging:

$75 a day per student


Depending on location of your department and the site being taught at, an additional travel/ lodging cost will be added to the total bill.